S1E11: Out of Mind, Out of Sight

S1E11: Out of Mind, Out of Sight

We’re getting really close to the finale!

This week, we talk about why Marcy is such a douchebag.

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Host Amy is co-host and editor of the Slayerettes Podcast. On the show, she tends to be the more analytical one, aka, Amy is the ranter/rambler. In real life, she is a Graphic Designer and big-time Whedon, Game of Thrones and Harry Potter fangirl. Amy resides in the U.S. and her favorite characters in the Buffyverse are Spike, Xander, Buffy and Giles.
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One comment

  1. Megan
    February 8th, 2013 19:17

    I had some scrambled thoughts on this episode I wanted to contribute, mostly on your discussion at the end though.

    In regards to Twilight, I read a book recently by Jim C. Hines called Libriomancer in which people are able to pull things out of books using libriomancy and bring them into the real world. Besides being a really great book, he made some great cracks about the Meyerii, vampires that were introduced into the world because of Twilight. Everyone called them sparklers, and were upset because Meyers took away any conventional weaknesses so they were almost impossible to kill. The whole book was fantastic though – and you might have heard of Hines before, he’s the author that tries to replicate poses they put women in on the cover of urban fantasy novels.

    In regards to science in fiction, I can mostly let it go. I’m getting my PhD in chemistry, so things can really bug me though, like in Iron Man 2 where he builds a particle accelerator in his basement. Or more recently, I watched the extra features on my Fringe DVDs where they were talking to real scientists (TM) that helped them develop the fringe stuff that happened in season 1 (or maybe 2). Anyway, one of the episodes had a chimera, and the scientists they were talking to were like “OMG, chimeras totally exist! We can stick a flourescent protein from jellyfish onto another protein in a cat! This is super similar to a griffon!!1!!1!” And it (obviously) really bothered me. Because sticking two proteins together and then sticking them in an organism is not making a chimera.

    On the question of Marcy though…I didn’t have friends in middle school, I was pretty quiet and didn’t talk to anyone, and all my friends from elementary school had moved onto new cliques. And even though I was shy then, and not good at approaching people, I still managed to make friends and have a social group of my own going into high school. I won’t claim that I was necessarily wise in my choice of friends all of the time, some of them took advantage of my desire to be included, but I put the effort in. And it wasn’t like I was trying to get into the in-crowd that had a different religion, different economic status, and different interests then me. So yeah, I agree with you guys, I don’t feel to bad for her. I know how it feels to be alone and how it feels to be invisible. But you can’t blame only other people for that. there was something else going on with her that made her a good fit with the assassins.

    I’m with you Emmy, this episode had an X-Files feel to it. (Though I’ve never made it past season 7 of X-files, despite numerous attempts. I even own all of the series…)


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