The Crazy Ones: kicking rad title here

The Crazy Ones: kicking rad title here
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Has everyone watched The Crazy Ones yet? We all know what I’m talking about, yeah? New show with SMG and Robin Williams blah blah blah. With Amy taking on “SHIELD” (cool your cats, I’m gonna watch that too), I said I would take on the discussion ’bout this one. SOOOO I guess I’ll kinda review it/summarize /ask questions/start discussions???? Let me know if you guys can think of a better way for me to do this! I’m gonna try super hard to make this a regular, weekly thing. WE’LL SEE.


So, basic premise/info we get from the first episode.

Simon Roberts (Williams) and his daughter, Sydney Roberts (Gellar) run an ad company, Simon is a pretty goofy guy, Sydney cleans up after him.





I think that’s it?

In the first episode Simon and Syd are trying to save their ad firm, by keeping McDonalds as a client. Hilarity ensues.

**~*~*~fun fact**!*~* the show is shot in a single-camera style, and is filmed on the same soundstage that House, MD was.


I think it’s hard to judge a show off a pilot, because it can vary DRASTICALLY from how the rest of the season/show plays out. All in all, I think it was pretty solid as a new show/pilot, but could have done more. I think they could have delved deeper into the father/daughter dynamic, I didn’t get a huge feeling there was really much their, and relationships and interaction are what make or break a show. BUT I think I may have been on Tumblr when I watched this for the first time around, sooooo… I guess I’ll re-watch it to double check? This episode felt pretty sit-com-ish to me, a lot of overused tropes, but I think there is a TON of potential for it to be a great show. And I was kinda bummed because although Gellar was (as always) awesome, she is a definite powerhouse and it didn’t quite show to that level. I think they need to add more depth to the characters all around, not just showcase Williams and Gellar. There are a lot of interesting dynamics that could go on in this show, so I’m hoping it works out, because it looks like it could be pretty good!


other things:

-Sarah Michelle Gellar interacting with the kids at the beginning is toooo KAWAII, omg bet that mom is a gr8 mom A+ 10/10

-Just because Gellar punches something/someone, we don’t have to compare it to Buffy. We all LOVE Buffy. It’s the best, it really is. But let’s let her have a different character?

-Was Robin Williams always this weird? Wait, yes, Ms. Doubtfire.

-The potential for Simon Says jokes is OUTTA CONTROL

-Didn’t McDonalds technically sue Gellar when she was 5 years old because of a Burger King commercial she was in?

-Gellar’s facial expressions still give out so many feels

-Did Simon have the plan for the ad campaign ready the whole time, or did he just go with a generic reboot like any ad campaign just about ever?

-Less gag jokes/sexual antics, more better ideas plz

-I didn’t get the feeling that it would really be a disaster if everything didn’t work out? Like that emotional part was missing?

-Gellar gets to wear some pretty cute clothes

look @ that, what a hat

Also, am I the only one who sometimes felt weird sexual tension with Simon/Sydney? Can we nip that in the bud??????????????????

What did you guys think?

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One comment

  1. Mollie
    October 3rd, 2013 13:43

    I watched it last night and felt very meh about it. Yes SMG was awesome as always but I feel like I could miss an episode and not miss the story. With Buffy, as you know, most episodes have something to do with the overall arc but this did not. I’ll keep watching for the moment but it better pick up or it will be sacrificed to the DVR gods.


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