What if there was a Buffy Reboot? Who would be your dream-team cast?

What if there was a Buffy Reboot? Who would be your dream-team cast?

Hi there! Amy here! So I found this link the other day and it really got me thinking: what if there WAS a Buffy reboot? Who would they cast? Needless to say, I’d never in a million years want a reboot without Whedon behind it, and I don’t think the series will ever NEED a reboot…but it was definitely fun to ponder.

I brought this question to our Facebook page and gave it an unhealthy amount of thought myself: if I had a say-so in the matter, who would I cast in a modern-day Buffy series? So below I will reveal my finalized list (after a few revisions), and tell you why I would pick them.

There will probably be a lot of, “Well, so-and-so is a great actor”…pardon my redundancy! BUT THEY’RE STILL GREAT ACTORS.

Who would YOU pick for a Buffy reboot? I’d love to see your lists!

Buffy Summers – Dianna Agron




I don’t feel very original here, because I picked Dianna for this role based on the promo posters in the link this article is based on. Now that I’ve seen her face on a Buffy poster, however, I feel that she would do really well with this role. As an actress she seems relatively versatile, and does something any actress hoping to play Buffy should be able to: cries really convincingly.

Xander Harris – Darren Criss




I promise I’m not a huge Glee fanatic who wants to re-cast them all into Buffy!!! In fact, when I think of Darren Criss I don’t think of Glee first—but “A Very Potter Musical”. Darren is not only a talented musician, but also a talented actor. Not only do I think he could step into the Xander-shoes and walk miles and miles in them, but look at those triangle-brows. Every time I see those bad boys, I can’t help but think about Xander Harris.

Willow Rosenberg – Felicia Day




This is the only Buffy alum that I allowed myself to “cast” in my Buffy Reboot, and only because Felicia hardly had a role in Buffy. I think she could really shine in the role of a modern-day Willow. Felicia does a great job of being the lovable, vulnerable type but I could easily see her turning into the black-eyed magic-addicted Dark!Willow as well. Why? Because everything she touches turns to gold. She should change her name to Felicia Midas. 


Rupert Giles – Hugh Laurie




I feel like Hugh played Dr. House for so long, that everyone forgot he’s actually British. Well I certainly did not. I feel like Gregory House will follow this guy around for the rest of his life, but Anthony Head was being haunted by his own film-ghosts when he picked up the role of Giles: those Nescafé commercials. Giles opened Anthony’s career back up, and I think it could serve the same purpose for Hugh. Not only that, but I think Hugh Laurie is a much better actor than even his biggest fans would give him credit for. He’s one of those actors that can take the shape of any character he sets his mind on. 

Spike – Benedict Cumberbatch




Two things are absolutely necessary to play Spike: Snark and Cheekbones.
The leather jacket and the peroxide come once you’re on the set. 

Angel – Sam Witwer




I feel like it’s cheating to pick a hunk who’s *already* playing a vampire on another TV show, but I can’t help it—every time the American version of “Being Human” is on, and I see this guy, I can’t help but think of a less-hulky Angel. I think it’s those brooding eyes that do it. Either way, I think Sam Witwer could shoulder the mantle of Angel pretty effortlessly.

Dawn Summers – Dakota Fanning




I feel like pretty much anyone could play Dawn Summers and not have a hard time. I’m not saying Michelle is a bad actress! Dawn’s character is the one that is so-so. And well, maybe Dakota’s experience in acting and not-totally-baby-like face could make her a little more tolerable to watch. Also, I kind of feel like Buffy’s sister should have been a blonde, since she AND Joyce were both rocking it. I know not all siblings have to have the same hair color, but either way I think Dakota could rock this character.

Cordelia Chase – Mary Elizabeth Winstead




This was one of the hardest ones for me to come up with, because I feel like a staple of Cordelia’s character is that absolutely gigantic smile she has. It’s hard to find an actress who can show off her teeth like that. So no, I’m afraid Mary Elizabeth doesn’t have that Cordelia grin, but I do think this actress would do an amazing job of being a bitch. I don’t really have a lot of evidence to back this up, but I have it in good faith that she would.

Faith Lehane – Mila Kunis




Let me start a few riots by first saying that I don’t really care for Faith’s character in general, and I also am not a fan of the way she talks or carries herself. So I think if I were in charge of a Buffy reboot, I would try to take her in a less white-trashy direction. I am a fan of Mila Kunis, because I feel like she never plays the same roles twice. She’s the Bitchy Jackie from That 70s Show, Meg in Family Guy, a post-apocalyptic survivor in The Book of Eli, a badass babe in Black Swan…she can cover all the bases. I could see Mila pulling off the essence of Faith Lehane, with her thirst for a family of her own and rapid descent into madness, without making her the female version of Eminem from 8 Mile. 

Tara Maclay – Natalia Tena




Natalia Tena is an actress I’ve only recently begun to warm up to. After getting almost NO SCREEN TIME in the Harry Potter films (as Tonks), she’s now playing a Wildling servant in the Game of Thrones series. Neither of these characters have anything to do with Tara, but she’s one of those actresses where her looks tell me she’d fit in the role, and her acting choices tell me that she’d do a good job with it.

Anyanka Jenkins – Scarlett Johansson




I guess with The Avengers, Scarlett is no officially a Whedon Alumni! YAY SCARLETT! Not only do I think Scarlett’s face resembles Anya’s enough to play her, but I could easily see her pulling off the unintentional humor that Anya does.

Amy Madison - Deborah Ann Woll




I don’t have much to say here, because I know Amy isn’t a huge character in the series nor does Deborah look like her. However, when I picture her as a witch and causing mayhem with Willow, it just seems so right.

Ethan Rayne – Tom Hiddleston





Drusilla – Lauren Cohan




I recently started watching and got caught up with The Walking Dead, where most of you probably recognize her as the character Maggie. There was a specific scene in one of the latest episodes where she thought she was going to be molested—and her eyes grew to be very huge. And in that one moment, she reminded me directly of Drusilla. I know, it’s a stretch, but when I think of Drusilla I think of her eyes first. Those crazy, huge eyes. 

Runner-up for this role: Olivia Wilde

Daniel “Oz” Osbourne – Fran Kranz




You can’t have a Whedon Reboot without a few Whedon Alums! Fran Kranz is absolutely amazing, and if you’ve seen Dollhouse or Cabin In The Woods, I think you probably already agree with me. 

Joyce Summers – Susan Sarandon




Susan just LOOKS mom-like to me. Well, at her current age anyway. She hasn’t been Janet for a long time!

I also feel like Susan could easily pull off the Joyce Hair, and that’s a must-have.

Riley Finn – Channing Tatum




Listen: I really do not care for Channing Tatum. In fact, I was almost embarrassed to admit that I’d cast him for this role. And then I remembered: Oh yeah! Most of the Buffy fandom hates Riley’s guts anyway! 

Mayor Wilkins – Bryan Cranston




If you’ve seen Malcolm In The Middle and Breaking Bad, you’ll understand this choice. The ease with which Bryan goes from comedy to absolutely goddamn terrifying is amazing. He can go from completely affable to HOLY SHIT TAKE ALL MY MONEY in an instant. 

Principal Snyder – Mark Sheppard




Well, just look at him.

Darla – Elisha Cuthbert




I really like Elisha, and that’s my best argument here.

Harmony Kendall – Amanda Seyfried




I feel bad, but when I think of Amanda Seyfried, I can’t help but think of her role in Mean Girls. That in itself is all the Resumé I need to know that she’d be perfect as Harmony.

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce – Sean Maher




You fucking know it.

Maggie Walsh – Jane Lynch




If you don’t think of Jane Lynch’s fucking awesome face every time you see Maggie Walsh, I DON’T BELIEVE YOU.

Jenny Calendar – Lena Headey




Most of you know her better as that bitch Queen Cersei from Game of Thrones, but when she’s rocking her natural brunette, I can definitely see her being our favorite Techno Pagan Gypsy Spy.

Principal Robin Wood – Taye Diggs




When I was first watching the series, I thought the guy playing Robin WAS Taye Diggs. 

Glory – Idina Menzel




They look nothing alike, but I think Idina could pull this off stunningly. She’s a fabulous diva who ain’t afraid to crush a few heads to get what she wants. 

Ben – Andrew Garfield




Just because of reasons.

Warren Mears – Josh Radnor




I can’t watch How I Met Your Mother without thinking of Warren. Seriously. It took an IMDB search to convince me that Ted Mosby WASN’T an older Adam Busch.

Jonathan – Kieran Culkin




1. I love Kieran Culkin
2. I love Jonathan
3. ?????
4. Yes. 

Andrew – Lucas Grabeel




I HATE High School Musical, but I can look past that and admit that I think this actor could play Andrew. He’d have to get up to speed on his nerd-knowledge, though. Seriously.

The Master – Lord Voldemort




Give the man a nose and a pair of fangs and voila!

So that concludes my list. I’d like to state again for the jury that I do not condone or wish for there to be a Buffy Reboot. However, as someone who has too much free time, I find stuff like re-casting my favorite TV show of all time for a fake reboot to be very entertaining.

I hope you enjoyed reading!

About Host Amy

Host Amy is co-host and editor of the Slayerettes Podcast. On the show, she tends to be the more analytical one, aka, Amy is the ranter/rambler. In real life, she is a Graphic Designer and big-time Whedon, Game of Thrones and Harry Potter fangirl. Amy resides in the U.S. and her favorite characters in the Buffyverse are Spike, Xander, Buffy and Giles.
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  1. Megan
    December 6th, 2012 4:09

    You got Mark Sheppard’s name wrong! Canton is his character in Doctor Who. But you’re right, he should be in a reboot because he is in everything else I love.

    Josh Radnor would be an excellent Warren – Ted Mosby has the same creepy sense of entitlement. Bryan Cranston and Channing Tatum are also inspired choices.


    • admin
      December 6th, 2012 15:12

      D’OH! iSuck. I can’t believe nobody else caught that.


  2. January 16th, 2013 4:40



  3. Vaarsuvius
    April 7th, 2013 14:35

    -This was so much fun. I think I can agree with your pick for Spike and Giles, those are 2 amazing choices.

    – Felicia Day (even though she is a fellow geek!) can’t come close to Alyson Hannigan. I… just can’t imagine anybody else playing Willow.

    -your choice for Tara blows my freakin’ mind and IDK what to think of really.

    -Lena Headey will make an absolutely smokin’ Jenny Calendar. She’s such a good actress as well! Ahh…

    -Your choice of Sean Maher also blows my mind. Mostly because I can’t imagine him with a beard and him being a bucket-stealing rogue demon hunter.


  4. Alina
    April 23rd, 2014 21:20

    I feel like you just tried to copy the original cast, but make them younger. On top of that they are supposed to be in high school!!! Josh, Fran, and others do NOT look young enough.


    • May 18th, 2014 15:18

      Most highschool casts do not look young enough, haha! Even the Buffy cast. Wardrobe and makeup/hair crews can work a lot of magic.
      Like I said in the description, this list was purely just for fun, and some of my choices here have already changed in favor of other people I’ve discovered since then! :)


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